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It's Official, Vegas Gets The Golden Knights!

Vegas has waited decades for our first professional sports team! Congratulations to Mr.Foley and the Vegas Golden Knights - board of governors approved the franchise!  See the Tweet below from their camp: “The Vegas Golden Knights are officially a National Hockey League franchise.” --Foley pic.twitter.com/o5YGeiZ3Zw — Vegas Golden Knights (@GoldenKnights) March 1, 2017

Garth's Daughter Sings His Hit

Allie Brooks, Garth's daughter, posted a cover of 'She's Every Woman' on her Facebook page. Watch her video here: [fbvideo link="https://www.facebook.com/alliebrooksmusic/videos/1254435007973556/" width="500" height="400" onlyvideo="1"] Talk about a talented family!