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You meet a hot girl, she’s attractive, successful and single???

If you’re wondering why — Popsugar boiled it down to 5 basic reasons.

#1- She tired of ‘dating just to date’- Odds are she is over the mediocre dating scene and is choosing to be more selective in her process.
#2- She’s not looking for a hook-up, once again substance is key.
#3- She’s not just looking to fill a void. Odds are she’s perfectly happy hanging with her friends until the right one comes along
#4- She’s career focused- right now her focus is on moving up the ladder in life and oftentimes that can be intimidating for potential mates
#5-She chooses it! She knows what she wants and unfortunately it’s not you!
Do you agree with these reasons? What are some other reasons to add to the list?