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We’re not sure if Jimmy Fallon thought he really had a chance to win a good ole’ cooler scooter race against Dale Earnhardt Jr. or not, but either way, watching these two battle for “the title” was hilarious.

Last night, Fallon said he had challenged the former race car driver to a cooler scooter race, but he hadn’t accepted.

At that moment, Dale appeared on stage, eager to be a part of the race.

Next, the two raced through the halls outside of where they were filming, but faced several obstacles along the way, such as a shirtless uncle standing over the grill, kids with super soakers, a lifeguard (why is there a lifeguard?,) and two neighbors having an argument over their lawns.

Lastly, they would have to head back to the studio to cross the finish line to be hailed the 2018 cooler scooter champion.

Needless to say, Earnhardt Jr. won the race, as if there was ever any doubt.

You can watch the hilarity unfold here:

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