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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Just Shared A Cryptic Post That Has Totally Confused Us

Recently, Dale Earnhardt Jr. shared a super cryptic post on Twitter that we would love for him to further elaborate on.

It's doubtful that he will go into further detail, but something is definitely up with him.

The tweet said that he used to believe that if he didn't get along with someone, that if he put in the effort, he could mend the relationship. However, it appears the former race car driver may have had a change of heart. The tweet continues to say that he's now wondering if some relationships just can't be repaired.

Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr. on Twitter

For all my years I always thought that if I didn't get along with someone that with enough effort I would be able to make it right. Now lately I'm wondering if there is just no fixing some relationships. ????

Hmmm ...

Obviously, the tweet was vague and didn't really go into detail about who the tweet was about.

And perhaps, it wasn't about any one particular person, maybe it was just a generalization.

In truth, you should always just be you. The right people will be by your side. If you have to constantly convince someone to be in your corner, maybe they're not meant to be there in the first place.

Interestingly enough, Dale Jr.'s sister also chimed in, and responded to the tweet with some definite words of wisdom.

Kelley Earnhardt on Twitter

It takes the effort of two people. Not just one. Otherwise you're wondering is accurate as it will never be mended. It's also ok to realize that's maybe it's just not meant to be fixed. Sometimes it's better to leave it be. https://t.co/327znTOUIj

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