Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for Museum of Ice Cream

ICYMI: Museum Of Ice Cream Gets In Hot Water After Wildlife Issues In Miami

Wait a minute... There's a Museum of Ice Cream?!

That's right, The Museum of Ice Cream, has found themselves in trouble for their sprinkle pool at Art Basel in Miami Beach, after it's been reported that the plastic sprinkles used are harming wildlife.

The Miami New Times reports that the city’s code department issued a courtesy notice and a sanitation violation for creating an environmental hazard, which carries a $1,000 fine.

The museum says that they'll remind patrons to engage in a "double-shake" before leaving, but just in case, the city has installed mesh in the sewer drains to protect the area.

There are a few locations for this museum, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, but it seems as if the plastic pieces haven't made as much of a splash in those areas... See what I did there?

Honestly, I'm just astounded that a museum dedicated to Ice Cream exists, and I want to go swimming in the sprinkles ASAP. If you feel like I do, be forewarned, if you make the trip, you're looking at $38 tickets, which can be snagged on their website.

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