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ICYMI: Celebs Most Cringe-Worthy Social Media Moments

ICYMI, Melissa Joan Hart recently received serious heat for an insensitive Instagram post complaining that Hurricane Maria ruined her family vacation. People shot back, saying that she should be concerned with the people whose lives and homes are at risk, rather than focusing solely on her trip. She removed the post.But though Hart's blunder is certainly ouch-inducing, it's not the only celeb social media fail. Here are a few other cringe-worthy social media moments.

Though Hart's blunder is certainly ouch-inducing, it's not the only celeb social media fail. Here are a few other cringe-worthy social media moments.

That time when Scott Disick revealed he might not actually love the brands he works with as much as he claims to

frankie on Twitter

In which Scott Disick copied and pasted the email from the skinny tea marketing team onto his Instagram caption

We hate to break it to you, but if you thought that Scott Disick REALLY loves his fit tea or his watch or whatever it is he's endorsing this week, that might not actually be the case. He spilled the beans when he pasted this caption under an image, but forgot to delete the instructions from the marketing person telling him what to say. Whooooops!


The time Oprah talked about how much she loved Surface tablets....from her iPad

Oprah really loves Microsoft Surface tablets! Oh, wait, except if you check the fine print, you can tell that her tweet about how much she loves the gadget was put together using "Twitter for iPad." Yikes.

Oprah Winfrey
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The time Rita Ora said she'd release new music if her tweet got 100,000 retweets....and it didn't

She then claimed the tweet wasn't actually written by her, but rather by a hacker. Sure, Rita, sure...Hey, there's no shame. We've all posted something that got way less love than we expected. It's embarrassing! We get it!


Khloe Kardashian's Photoshop fail

Khloe Kardashian is in killer shape, but she had an Instagram embarrassment when she tried to edit her thighs and ended up editing the door behind her too. While Koko looked great in the picture, her followers immediately noticed that the background of the image was warped, and called her on her subpar photo editing skills.


Zac Efron's odd Martin Luther King Jr. Day pairing

Zac Efron took the time to acknowledge the significance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but did so in very poor taste. He acknowledged the important civil rights leader but did it in the same tweet in which he thanked his millions of Instagram followers. Needless to say, those followers instantly called him out on the odd messaging.


When Armani schooled Kim Kardashian on Twitter

Kim Kardashian was upset that Armani stopped selling a foundation she loves, so she took to Twitter to complain about it. The brand responded, and also gave her a little fact checking while they were at it.


These celebs remind us of a lesson we could all stand to keep in mind: you can delete a social media post, but it never fully goes away. Proceed with caution.


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