Gary Miller/Getty Images

Luke Combs says he doesn't have luck when it comes to scratch off lottery tickets

Luke may have hit the jackpot when he landed a career in country music, but his luck doesn’t really run too far as he’s never been a big winner on lottery scratch-offs. Even though he doesn’t gamble very often, his family has a tradition of giving scratch offs as stocking stuffers for Christmas! Luke said, "I always win but I never make any money. My dad will buy 10 dollar scratch offs and then I’ll win two dollars or something. I’m not a huge gambler per say. I’m not a mega huge risk taker. But that was probably the last thing I won was probably a dollar on a scratch off ticket. I wish I won one hundred dollars on a scratch off ticket, that would be nice. But the guy in the song does so that’s okay.” Thankfully, Combs doesn’t have to worry too much about his side hustle because his debut single “Hurricane” went No. 1 on the country charts with his latest song rising up the charts week by week.