Kip Moore's New Album is Coming Out in September

Here's something you hear a lot from entertainers. They could be performing in front of thousands of fans, but what they focus on is the one unhappy person. Kip Moore recently talked about that in "Rolling Stone". He said, "Maybe other artists can have a show that's not so great and walk away. Me? I will spiral. I'll think of that one despondent face in the crowd and ask, 'Why couldn't I sway that one person?'  That's the fiery human being I am." Holding onto that kind of negative energy can bring you down, and Kip says that's one of the reasons he NEEDED to take that three month hiatus. What's interesting is that by getting away and clearing his mind, he could let the music come to him. And when it did, it obviously wasn't forced. He says his new stuff tackles mature themes about what it takes to be a grown man. He's been in the studio and says we can expect the new album to come out September 18th.  It's called "Slowheart".

Here's the tracklist:

1. "Plead the Fifth" (Luke Dick, Josh Kear)
2. "Just Another Girl" (Kip Moore, Westin Davis, Ben Helson)
3. "I've Been Around" (Kip Moore, Dan Couch)
4. "Fast Women" (Kip Moore, Blair Daly, Westin Davis, Troy Verges)
5. "Bitter Sweet Company" (Kip Moore, Josh Miller, Troy Verges)
6. "Sunburn" (Kip Moore, David Garcia, Josh Miller, Steven Olsen)
7. "More Girls Like You" (Kip Moore, Steven Olsen, Josh Miller, David Garcia)
8. "The Bull" (Jon Randall, Luke Dick)
9. "Blonde" (Kip Moore, Steven Olsen, Josh Miller, David Garcia)
10. "Good Thing" (Kip Moore, Josh Miller, Troy Verges)
11. "Last Shot" (Kip Moore, Dan Couch, David Lee Murphy)
12. "Try Again" (Kip Moore, David Garcia, Josh Miller)
13. "Guitar Man" (Kip Moore, Dan Couch, Westin Davis)