Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for ACM

[LISTEN] Lee Brice's NEW Song "Boy"

Nothing softens up a big tough guy like having a child. Trust me... I used to raise hell when I was younger. Heck, if you've been listening to my show for the last 14 years, there's a good chance you raised a little hell with me! But ever since I became a father to a little boy, 11-months ago, my outlook on life has changed immensely. Now, my main priority is making sure my son has a great role model to look up to.

If you have kids, you get it. They give you a sense of pride and a sense of meaning that nothing else really can.

Speaking of pride, Lee Brice is a proud father and he just released "Boy," the first single from his self-titled fourth album, which comes out November 3rd. The song is a dedication to Lee's two sons. Brice also revealed that he and his wife are expecting their third child, a daughter, in the next few weeks.