Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Carrie Underwood Took a Shot At Anaheim Fans

Carrie Underwood's husband plays for the Nashville Predators, who are playing the Ducks in the NHL playoffs... Nashville has a young and exciting team, but most importantly, the Preds are loved by their local fans. That why when Carrie noticed something was off with the crowd size in Anaheim, she couldn't help but throw a little bit of shade at Ducks fans.

Carrie tweeted; ''Woah, what's with all the empty seats in Anaheim tonight?! Wouldn't happen in #Smashville that's for sure!! #NSHvsANA#GoPreds''

A few of Carrie's southern California fans joined in on the conversation to tell her where those fans probably were...

Then someone checked ticketmaster...

Game. Set. Match. Carrie Underwood... Now we wait to see if the Predators can also win.