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"Roseanne" Is Being Revived with the Original Cast

In my opinion, "Roseanne" is one of the best television shows of all time. It's one of those programs that, if it's on, I'll always stop flipping the channels and watch it. So you can imagine I was pretty stoked when I read today that the show may be making its way back to our tv sets...

I think the most exciting part about the news is that it won't be coming back as a remake, but as a revival with the original cast, INCLUDING John Goodman.

I'm still not sure how they'll make that work since  **SPOILERS** Goodman's character died in the series finale. That said, Dan was my favorite character on the show, so if they can figure out a smart way to make him a part of the revival, it'll make me a happy camper.

Also, sorry if I spoiled Dan's death for you, but you've had 20 years to watch the finale... But hey, just in case you forgot how the series ended, here are the final scenes.

They're pitching it to networks and streaming platforms as a one-off eight-episode series, which would apparently revisit the Conner family, roughly 20 years later. If the cast remains onboard, it's hard to imagine them NOT finding a taker.