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Josh Turner Goes To The Barbershop

There is such a thing as a barbershop quartet "super group," apparently, and they're called OC Times.

They're apparently fans of Josh Turner, too. Josh recently came across the group's rendition of his 2009 hit "Why Don't We Just We Just Dance," which they performed at the Barbershop Harmony Society’s 2012 Association of International Champions show.

Let's just call the annual event the "Olympics" of barbershop quarteting. Who knew, right? "These dudes kick butt," Josh declared in a Twitter post this week with the video.

So why don't we just watch?


Josh Turner on Twitter

These dudes kick butt with a Barbershop version of WDWJD!!??https://t.co/Jhk3ZckrGl


Between these guys and Jimmy Fallon, I think Barbershop Quartette's might be making a comeback!


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