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Cirque du Soleil Theme Park is in the Works

In 2019, there is a spectacular theme parking opening up in the Vidanta resort in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. Audiences can expect to see Cirque performances all day long, interactive theaters, hydrotherapy circuit, and a plethora of Cirque performers walking around. Vindata announced that the theme park will have a simple name of “The Park.”

Type A vs. Type B Personalities

We all know at least one person who's consistently late to stuff...MAD DOG!!!! If they say they'll be there at 8:30, you know they'll show up at 8:45 or 9:00. Here are three reasons it happens even when you try as hard as possible NOT to be late. The FIRST possible reason is you're multitasking…

Why Am I ALWAYS Running Late!?

So today Kris tells us about the barefoot bandit! You'll won't believe what he stole! But someone who doesn't steal is Blake Shelton. We find out why on The Dish With Kris. Then we find out what personality type Kris and Mad Dog have. After that we played Can't Beat Kris. Then we had another Survey You Can't Refuse. After that we…